Tenant Placement Services

The Residential Group Realty (TRG) offers first class property management and placement services to clients from all real estate sectors including residential properties, commercial properties, and rental apartments to name a few. At TRG, we take a unique approach that involves establishing lasting relationships with our property owners and their tenants as well. In fact, when it comes to our management and placement services, TRG believes relationships the key to ensuring maximum investment on an investment property.

When it comes to placement and property management, TRG offers a comprehensive array of services. Still, there are distinct differences between our placement services and property management services. So then, what placement services are offered by TRG?

  • Property advertising
  • Showing the property to potential tenants
  • Qualified tenant selection (including employment, credit, and landlord reference checks)
  • Lease execution

If you choose TRG placement services, you have more flexibility and responsibility as the landlord. Rents and deposits are paid to the landlord and management of the property including ongoing communications with the tenant are also landlord responsibility. On the other hand, TRG property management services include rent collection, strata communications, property maintenance and repairs, and communications with the Residential Tenancy Branch. Depending on your needs as a property owner, you may prefer our placement services or you may find that our comprehensive property management services are a better fit.

Our professionals at TRG have one goal -- to optimize the return on your property investment. More importantly, we know that our success is inextricably tied to the success of our property owners so we treat each property we manage as our own. You can trust TRG to provide you the best placement services in Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver communities.

Rental management versus rental services, which suit you?

The Residential Group Realty offers you two services:

(1) Rental services
The tenancy agreement gives us the right to:

  • Advertisements advertise for hire
  • Display of Rental flats
  • Find qualified tenants (job review, credit review, landlord review) and enforce the lease between the owner and tenant
    The rent and deposit are paid directly by the tenant to the owner, and we will not contact again until the lease is up。

The landlord is solely responsible for all administrative responsibilities and communication with the tenant, including rent collection, phone calls, security deposit, contact with the building management office, maintenance, and Residential Premises Branch。All communication is between the owner and the tenant directly。

(1) Rental management services
The Tenancy Management Agreement gives us the following powers:

  • Advertisements advertise for hire
  • Show rental units to potential tenants
  • Find a qualified tenant and sign a lease between the owner and tenant
  • Arrange and coordinate inbound and outbound moves
  • Arrange and coordinate cleaning services
  • Arrange and coordinate repair and maintenance work when necessary
  • Collect rent for The owner and deposit it to The Residential Group Realty's (TRG) credit
  • Allocate funds to third parties, such as housing tax, building management fee, utilities, insurance, maintenance company, non-resident income tax, as directed by the owner
  • Transfer net income (total income minus expenses) into your main bank account
  • Provide monthly homeowner reports
  • If the owner is a non-resident, allocate the non-resident tax to Revenue Canada。Prepare and complete form NR4 to Irs Canada。

We are eager to be of service to you. If you have any questions, please call Jeanie at (604) 629-6100 or Email conveyancing@trgrealty.ca